Vampire Movies

Vampires have begun to emerge in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; it emerged as a folklore in 1897 during the time of the vampire novel Dracula, written by the famous Irish Writer Bram Stoker. This lead a path to the most influential and popular Vampire movies. We need to know more about the vampire; Vampires are the blood-sucking creatures which serve as horror monsters to keep their immortality. Vampire movies seem to be an essential part in popular culture and it is a nefarious creation of sorts. In the cinema history, Vampire characters are ubiquitous in nature. Vampire films live a wicked-half life and that appears religiously for almost a century.

10. The Night Flier (1997)

Vampire Movies The Night Flier
It is one of the simple stories of Stephen King short stories. He dubbed “The Night Flier” in which vampire flies from small airports to the other small airports in his plane and kills people. Irrespective of the serial killer, this moves it to be the real vampire. The Night Flier is humorous and mildly which is a 90 minutes film with a minimum price.

IMDb 8.0 / Release Date: 1997

Trailer / Director: Mark Pavia

9. I Am a Legend (2007)

Vampire Movies I Am a Legend
It is the name of the original novel written by Richard Matheson. Will Smith plays as protagonist Robert Neville character which humanizes the monsters. The best part of the film is that Will Smith hunts for vampires through Manhattan with his dog. With the excellent characterization in the movie, it has got a fantastic first half with a combination of the Will Smith powerful acting.

IMDb 7.0 / Release Date: 2007

Trailer / Director: Francis Lawrence

8. The Vampire Lovers (1970)

Vampire Movies The Vampire Lovers
This is one of the familiar projects in the filmography which feels the audience as an actual movie. The Vampire Lovers is quite related to the classic Gothic Work, Carmilla by the famous Irish Writer Sheridan Le Fanu’s. It stood as one of the outstanding films in the list of Vampire Movies. In this movie, Hammer Sample Ingrid Pitt acts a Carmilla which is a Vampire target on the moneyed European Family, who are gorgeous and impressive young ladies.

IMDb 6.6 / Release Date: 1970

Trailer / Director: Roy Ward Baker

7. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)

Vampire Movies Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is one of the best fascinating Vampire Movies which is a remake of the vampire classic Ganja Ans Hess. Spike Lee, the film director of Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, retells the story of a black anthropologist who was very rich transforms himself as a vampire after being thrust by the evil. In two-hours of time, this vampire movie alters on all kinds of themes on racism, gender politics, and classism. As a result, the ending of a movie never settles on consistent thoughts. The main point in this film is that it, instead of giving a message it concentrates on raising questions. This is one of the best Lee’s Creations.

IMDb 4.1 / Release Date: 2014

Trailer / Director: Spike Lee

6. The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)

Vampire Movies The Satanic Rites of Dracula
Hammer’s Horror of Dracula is the sixth sequel, and it is blessed as the final movie to feature poor series, in the role of reluctant Christopher and brings the Cushing of back peter as Van Helsing. Is Van Helsing seeming to be Different? It is difficult to tell about the Satanic Rites of Dracula; It is the most incoherent and the Van Helsing is the craziest of the series. The Satanic Rites of Dracula is like a “movie Loaf,” and it has unrelated bits that are clipped together. By creating the unleashing and designing the doomsday, Dracula plans to wipe out the human race that is a pretty and significant change in MO.

IMDb 5.6 / Release Date: 1973

Trailer / Director: Alan Gibson

5. Blood and Roses (1960)

Vampire Movies Blood and Roses
Blood and Roses movie is from the Roger Vadim production, and it appears to exist as a vehicle of lurid for the actress Annette Stroyberg. Stroyberg plays a significant role in Blood and Roses as a young woman, and her jealousy over the engagement of her beloved cousin to her friend and that becomes possessed by the spirit of vampire murder. This film brings the Gothic feel, and the storyline has a legitimate sense of tragedy and poignancy. Blood and Roses movie is erotic horror type, and it plays to its strengths.

IMDb 6.7 / Release Date: 1960

Trailer / Director: Roger Vadim

4. The Keep (1983)

Vampire Movies The Keep
The Keep movie is not a good movie, but it is much faithful to the excellent horror novel directed by F. Paul Wilson. The main antagonist of this movie is unambiguously a vampire, and this film version chooses the strip and excise away any and the iconography of a vampire in favour of a creature, and it looks like a skeleton on steroids. This is enough to disqualify it from the list but as the final product of Chaotic remains the must see the captures of wildcard sensibility, brilliant filmmakers, and sheer rat talent.

IMDb 5.8 / Release Date: 1983

Trailer / Director: Michael Mann

3. Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

Vampire Movies Taste the Blood of Dracula
The third Hammer Dracula has a sequel that begins to go off the rails. The resurrection of the vampires is convoluted after reducing ashes. They were acquired by foppish aristocrats, a club of bored, hedonists who go out for entertaining themselves by drinking and slumming. The directors decided that it brings the fun to resurrect Dracula on a lark. Christopher Lee is one of the best moments in it, and it has no lines, and Dracula participation brings pretty feel. The entry of Taste the Blood of Dracula has the good atmosphere and sets. The egregious offense of this movie is that how the Dracula is destroyed easily.

IMDb 6.4 / Release Date: 1970

Trailer / Director: Peter Sasdy

2. Vampires (1998)

Vampire Movies Vampires
This is about the deep romance between the two vampire hunters. In Vampires, the creatures don’t have any mercy just like in Anne Rice Novel, and they concentrate on killing the humans with cruelty. James Woods as a Jack Row witnesses that his parents become as vampires. Jack Row, as an agent of devils, goes on killing everyone brutally.

IMDb 6.1 / Release Date: 1998

Trailer / Director: John Carpenter

1. The Wisdom of Crocodiles (1998)

Vampire Movies The Wisdom of Crocodiles
The Wisdom of Crocodiles has got a tremendous response from the audience by the outstanding performance of Jude Law. The most important thing is that, because of the power of the actors in the movie, it has got a huge box office collection and achieved remarkable success in the project. In furious search of a life partner, Law depicts Steven and the proceeds that she could be the best women to share the life with. Sooner it was clear that it was not a happy ending to their life. The film is a highly romantic flickand is a pseudo-poetic Vampire movies.

IMDb 6.3 / Release Date: 1998

Trailer / Director: Po-Chih Leong

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