Mark Wahlberg Movies: Ranked from Worst to Best | Top 8

Mark Wahlberg, the American actor, and musician were born in June 1971 in Boston. Mark Wahlberg had a bit struggle to enter the silver screen. His elder brother, Donnie Wahlberg helped his brother secure a music contract. Mark secured the contract despite singing abilities but the promoters thought that the teen would love his body and then the Marky Mark and the Funky Batch was introduced. Later Mark Wahlberg also successfully secured a contract with Calvin and Klein for their underwear modeling.

Mark has always been in news for his fights and rumored scandals. He also published a book on his penis which was a strange thing indeed. He was summoned to court multiple times, failed miserably in his music industry career, decided to shed off the image of Marky Mark and start a decent acting life. His official first silver screen appearance was in Renaissance Man in 1994.  He gave an excellent performance and shut the critics who thought he won’t be able to make in the industry. From the starting back in 1994 with the movie Renaissance Man and to the most successful hit of his career the Departed in 2006, Mark Wahlberg movies have grown in every standard.

In Mark Wahlberg movies, He has always adhered to the needs of the role and proved to give the best. Boogie Night released in 1997 is said to be the major turning point of the actor’s journey in the silver screen world. Mark had played the role of a troubled porn star. The star was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars for his movie The Departed. Mark Wahlberg is rightly said to be one of those successful actors who made a transition from a teenage pop idol.

Here is a list of eight most acclaimed Mark Wahlberg Movies.

Mark Wahlberg Movies List

8. Ted

Mark Wahlberg Movies Ted

IMDb 6.9 / Release Date: 2012

Trailer / Director: Seth MacFarlane

Its 8th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; It is one of the Mark Wahlberg Movies of the comedy genre. The movie made a huge success on screen and received mixed reviews from the critics. The plot is about a Boston native, John Bennett whose childhood wish of his teddy bear Ted having life comes true. Later, in adulthood, Ted creates troubles for John and his love Lori from moving on. The movie was 12th highest grosser of 2012. Ted also successfully backed an Academy Award nomination. Ted2 the sequel of the movie was released in 2015.

7. Three Kings

Mark Wahlberg Movies Three Kings

IMDb 7.1 / Release Date: 1999

Trailer / Director: David O. Russell

Its 7th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; The movie, Three Kings released in 1999 was a box office success. The movie was a comedy war film. The film shows four US soldiers in 1991 uprisings in Iraq following the end of Gulf War. The film shows how the three surviving soldiers of the war being cleared of the charges against them. In 2004, the Warner Bros re-released the movie during the Iraq War. The budget of the movie was $48 million and it grossed almost $107 million.

6. Deepwater Horizon

Mark Wahlberg Movies Deepwater Horizon

IMDb 7.1 / Release Date: 2016

Trailer / Director: Peter Berg

Its 6th in our list of Mark Wahlberg MoviesMark Wahlberg movies have given him a good career as a hero. But in this movie, Mark played a challenging role again as a guy who helped save a day in an actual tragedy. Deepwater horizon shows the titular oil rig’s 2010 spill. The movie was praised for the excellent performance by Mark and it grossed over $121 million all across the world. The accolades include two Oscar Nominations and a BAFTA award. National Board of Review awarded Mark Wahlberg the Spotlight Award for the movie.

5. Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg Movies Patriots Day

IMDb 7.4 / Release Date: 2016

Trailer / Director: Peter Berg

Its 5th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; The crime drama thriller was released in 2013 and was based on Boston Marathon Bombing and following terrorist activities. The plot is adapted from the book by Boston Strong by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge. Patriots Day received a National Board of Review award for Spotlight category. The film offers a great tribute to the real-life heroes. Mark Wahlberg played the role of Boston Police Department Sergeant, Tommy Saunders. This is among one of the most appreciated Mark Wahlberg Movies.

4. Lone Survivor

Mark Wahlberg Movies Lone Survivor

IMDb 7.5 / Release Date: 2013

Trailer / Director: Peter Berg

Its 4th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; Lone survivor released in 2013 is a biographical war film. The set is based during the war in Afghanistan and the unsuccessful US Navy SEALs counter-insurgent mission to capture Taliban leader Ahmed Shah. Few Navy SEALs veterans acted as the advisors. Lone survivor received largely positive reviews. The movie was criticized for more focus on action than characterization. The movie was secured nominations in various Awards’ genre. Mark Wahlberg won the best actor award in motion category at the Critics Choice Awards. He was also nominated for the teens choice award.

3. The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg Movies The Fighter

IMDb 7.8 / Release Date: 2010

Trailer / Director: David O. Russell

Its 3th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; This is among the Mark Wahlberg Movies of biographical genre. The Fighter is directed by David O. Russell and focusses on the lives of professional boxer Mickey Ward and his older half-brother Dicky Eklund. Mark portrays Mickey. Mark was nominated at the Golden Globe in the Best Actor category. The film gathered seven nominations and winning two at the Academy Awards. The film received mostly positive reviews and Wahlberg was praised for his challenging performance.

2. Boogie Nights

Mark Wahlberg Movies Boogie Nights

IMDb 7.9 / Release Date: 1997

Trailer / Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Its 2th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; Boogie Nights is an American Drama film produced and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The movie is about a dishwasher from Los Angles who turns out to be a successful pornography star later. The movie was nominated in many categories at various Awards. It secured three Academy Awards nominations. The Golden Satellite Awards nominated Mark Wahlberg in the best performance in motion picture category.

1. The Departed

Mark Wahlberg Movies The Departed

IMDb 7.9 / Release Date: 2006

Trailer / Director: Martin Scorsese

Its 1th in our list of Mark Wahlberg Movies; Regarded as the best of Mark Wahlberg Movies, The Departed was released in the year 2006 as a crime drama film. It was a multi-star film. The film got positive reviews from the critics and was acclaimed commercially, $289 million against a budget of just $90 million and also appeared on top ten films of the year by many critics. The movie was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards and won the best direction award. The Departed was successful in backing four Oscars and one Academy Award. Wahlberg was also nominated as the best actor.

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