Jamie Foxx Movies: Best Jamie Foxx Movies

Jamie Foxx is one of the best actors of all time. He has played key roles in many movies which broke the box office making him earn many numerous awards for his contribution to the industry. We have sampled some of his biggest movies. Here are some of the Best Jamie Foxx.

9. Due Date (2010)

Jamie Foxx Movies Due Date
Fox is always assuring his fans great performance when he features in movies. Due Date is another one which features among the Best Jamie Foxx movies. This movie is mainly about two strangers who decide to go on a road trip together with an aim of return back before the birth of one of the stranger’s child. This movie has a great filming and it has very gifted artists. You will specifically love the scene at the gate of the hospital as they two approaches.

IMDb 6.5 / Release Date: 2010

Trailer / Director: Todd Phillips

8. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Jamie Foxx Movies Law Abiding Citizen
This movie is about a very skilled and successful advocate who lands in trouble because of his lackluster nature because he was believed and decides to revenge for the death of his wife. This lead to problems in his work. This is an excellent film which won excellent reviews winning several awards.

IMDb 7.4 / Release Date: 2009

Trailer / Director: F. Gary Gray

7. The Soloist (2009)

Jamie Foxx Movies The Soloist
This is an excellent film which was very popular the entire 2009. It’s about a successful musician who is a tragic way becomes homeless. The Musician’s name Nathaniel Ayers became very desperate but suddenly his condition is noticed by a bored columnist who decides to use the musician. The two bond well and pair to win an audience together which happens. The response from the crowd was excellent. This film has remained very excellent and one which you should take time to watch.

IMDb 6.7 / Release Date: 2009

Trailer / Director: Joe Wright

6. White House Down (2013)

Jamie Foxx Movies White House Down
This was a well-thought movie making the list of the Best Jamie Foxx movies. In this movie, the destruction is caused by his smile. It’s very charming and his type of comic timing is one which many actors should emulate. He acts as the president of the United States who is stuck in the white house which is under an attack. He changes from the president role to fight in order to make it alive. This is a movie which you would definitely want to watch because of its great composition.

IMDb 6.4 / Release Date: 2013

Trailer / Director: : Roland Emmerich

5. Any Given Sunday (1999)

Jamie Foxx Movies Any Given Sunday
This could be one of the movies which made Foxx gain fame all over the world. It’s about a coach who must handle the problem of his losing football team as well as face his fallout with the owner of the team. The team was to be saved by Foxx who rose from his boyish age to physique the team up. Despite his young age, Fox gained a lot of popularity as the boy to watch for being a complete package and one who the whole team could rely on. It’s a great encouragement piece of performance which you will love.

IMDb 6.9 / Release Date: 1999

Trailer / Director: Oliver Stone

4. Collateral (2004)

Jamie Foxx Movies Collateral
2004 was a great year for Foxx with him being nominated in many actors awards which he won. He featured in several movies that year and one this greatly went viral is the Collateral. Even though this movie may seem to be somehow underrated it was a great addition to the filming world. This movie mainly focuses on a very notorious taxi driver whose life changes after picking an assassin. The Assassin’s name is Vincent and he was on a killing mission but the cab driver thought of saving the victim. This movie is a great refreshing take on crime and it’s greatly worthy your view.

IMDb 7.5 / Release Date: 2004

Trailer / Director: Michael Mann

3. Ray (2004)

Jamie Foxx Movies Ray
This movie is generally a 7-year-old boy with great dreams who loses his sight. The boy known as Ray Charles would then despair and stop paying attention to anything. He later went on to become the greatest musician in history. Even though several people have said this moving is not very engaging it’sworth watching since it’s an excellent Foxx’s moving performance as well as a great educative performance.

IMDb 7.7 / Release Date: 2004

Trailer / Director: Taylor Hackford

2. Django Unchained (2012)

Jamie Foxx Movies Django Unchained
The Django Unchained movie is a good movie for violent loving cinema. You would be tempted to call this movie the magic in the screens. This film begins with a protagonist, Django as the title suggests being transported while in chains from one city to another. During the transportation, they have a short break when a gentleman by the name Dr. Schulz requests to buy Django before later setting him free winning millions of hearts. This movie is generally very entertaining and you should be looking for it if you are yet to watch it.

IMDb 8.4 / Release Date: 2012

Trailer / Director: Quentin Tarantino

1. Baby Driver (2017)

Jamie Foxx Movies Baby Driver
This movie was all over the chats in 2017 making it one of the Jamie Foxx Movies. It ruled in people’s hearts and more so ruling the box office. One particular thing you will like about this movie is the fact that Fox almost plays himself. This comedy thriller explains a story about a baby, a talented criminal and a shady. The talented criminal is meeting the woman of his dreams so as to decide to give up his lifestyle. However, the nature of his job is not simple to pull out when he wanted to leave they pulled him right back. The cast and style of this movie make it one of the best in this century.

IMDb 7.6 / Release Date: 2017

Trailer / Director: Edgar Wright

Jamie Foxx has featured in thousands of movies, we may not have gone through all of them but we have sampled some of the best he ever featured. The Best Jamie Foxx movies are still available even the old ones and you can watch the ones you have not seen.

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