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Movies about war have been always seemed to love by Hollywood. War movies generally are serious in nature because of subject matter. These movies reflect real actions in some point in time. According to me, the best film about the war should show the nightmare that war is. When D.W. Griffith created his movie “Birth of a Nation” at that time war has become a theme of films.  Any film that romanticizes the awfulness of war or tries to make the subject of war anything not as much as the human bad dream it is, completes an injury to the young fellows and ladies who battled in passed on in war and who have given their lives for the nation they are battling for. Some of the best war movies of all time are as follow:

Best War Movies List

9. Kingdom of Heaven

best war movies Kingdom of Heaven

IMDb 7.2 / Release Date: 2005

Trailer / Director: Ridley Scott

Its 9th in our list of Best War Movies; Set in the medieval period this film is the account of a young fellow who winds up amidst the Crusade fights in Jerusalem. This happens just before Richard the Lionheart sets out on his last campaign. It has Saladin in it which makes for some astonishing fights. There is an epic last fight that everybody should watch. The embellishments and attack machines are breathtaking in this film. A standout amongst the most practical attack fights to date.

8. Enemy at The Gates

best war movies Enemy at The Gates

IMDb 7.6 / Release Date: 2001

Trailer / Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Its 8th in our list of Best War Movies; Enemy at the gates is one of the better sharpshooter movies that have an outstanding story. The main characters are in exactly in light of occasions. It is around two Russian sharpshooters against the best German expert rifleman.

The fundamental Russian expert sharpshooter is Vassili Zaitsev played by Jude Law. His German partner Major Konig is played by Ed Harris. It is an extreme waiting amusement where you’re never entirely beyond any doubt where the wicked Nazi major is stowing away. The expert marksman chase happens amid the Battle of Stalingrad where the battling is savage.

7. The Last Samurai

best war movies The Last Samurai

IMDb 7.7 / Release Date: 2003

Trailer / Director: Edward Zwick

Its 7th in our list of Best War Movies; A voyage of a man who trains warriors for the U.S. what’s more, their new partner Japan winds up in the adversary’s camp. As he takes in the Samurai’s ways he discovers them continuing and finds a sense of contentment among them.

A contention emerges where he should pick between his previous individuals and the Japanese Imperial Regime and the Samurai who are being stifled. This film has incredibly arranged Samurai fights and a lot of bokken preparing and kitana using activity. It is set toward the finish of the Tokugawa period towards the beginning of the Meji time.

6. Glory

Best War Movies Glory

IMDb 7.9 / Release Date: 1989

Trailer / Director: Edward Zwick

Its 6th in our list of Best War Movies; This movie stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman that happens amid the American Civil War, one of the best war movies that released in 1989, tells the exciting and dreadful story of transitioning of African American fighters as they are set on the war zone out of the blue.

5. Letters from Iwo Jima

best war movies Letters from Iwo Jima

IMDb 7.9 / Release Date: 2006

Trailer / Director: Clint Eastwood

Its 5th in our list of Best War Movies; Directed by Clint Eastwood who likewise coordinated the American side first in “Banners of Our Fathers”. Shockingly this film was more unusual and would be wise to acting because of Ken Watanabe.

Watanabe played General Kuribayashi and gives a stellar execution of respect and strength under flame. This story is the battle of Iwo Jima told through the eyes of the Japanese. It is continuously impossible to miss to think what our adversaries were endeavoring to do synchronous to our military activities.

4. Patton

best war movies Patton

IMDb 8.0 / Release Date: 1970

Trailer / Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

Its 4th in our list of Best War Movies; Never was there a bolder, shameless, started up General than George S. Patton. This is the film that delineates Patton with his transcendent triumphs and also some setbacks. It gives us a tad of understanding into what the colossal General resembled and how he thought.

The movie is started with the vocation of Patton in North Africa, and it is advanced through Germany’s attack and the fall of the Third Reich. The film might be somewhat long however it merits viewing on the off chance that you have sufficient energy. Strangely George C. Scott plays Patton; I discover the name similarity a weird and smart fortuitous event.

3. The Deer Hunter

best war moviesT he Deer Hunter

IMDb 8.1 / Release Date: 1978

Trailer / Director: Michael Cimino

Its 3th in our list of Best War Movies; This movie starring Christopher Walken, John Cazale and Robert De Niro and made in 1978. This movie is about deep meditation on the Vietnam War.

The part one hour of this movie was dull but the next half of the movie thrusts you fully into the war. This movie is memorable for its description of effect war can have on people back home.

2. The Great Escape

best war movies The Great Escape

IMDb 8.2 / Release Date: 1963

Trailer / Director: John Sturges

Its 2th in our list of Best War Movies; This movie is the best representation of blockbuster that a content that takes after their endeavors to escape from a Nazi POW camp amid WWII with a top pick macho cast. McQueen’s quality is energizing, particularly amid his wild escape endeavor on a cruiser. Chief John Sturgis by one means or another figured out how to pull off this behemoth of a war movie.

1. Apocalypse Now

best war movies Apocalypse Now

IMDb 8.5 / Release Date: 1979

Trailer / Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Its 1th in our list of Best War Movies; This movie is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen in 1979. This movie is one of the best war movies that have memorable story. The director of this movie is claimed that the movie was not regarding Vietnam. He said that the movie is Vietnam. This movie is about a soldier who has to walk deep jungles in search of Darkness. The soldier features an unforgettable, haunting recording.


I hope this article will help you to find out best war movies and you will see these movies once a time.  In this article you will read out war is nothing for us to enjoy. It is the story that is told by best directors and writers have a good time!


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